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Dance Party

Friday 2 March 2018 5pm - 9pm

Location : Functions on Chapel (View Map)

In 2016, the City of Stonnington partnered with Minus 18 to deliver Stonnington’s first-ever drug and alcohol free dance party for same-sex attracted and gender-diverse young people.

GLITTERNOVA exploded on the scene as one of Stonnington Youth Services most successful underage dance events. Approximately 250 young people from all parts of Victoria travelled to participate in this fun, safe and exciting event.

The date and venue for 2018’s event is yet to be announced so stay in touch with Stonnington City Council’s Youth Services department to find out when it’s on. But just so you know, if you are aged between 14 - 21 and you want to dance, party, and create a safe space for all young people – then you’re invited!

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This event is an all ages, drug, alcohol and smoke free event that is fully supervised with no pass outs. This event provides local young people with an opportunity to attend and enjoy live music in a secure and safe environment.

The City of Stonnington will be taking photographs and/or filming this event. Your image may be reproduced by the City of Stonnington in publications and/or promotional materials (including online publications), on its website and/or on social media. See www.stonnington.vic.gov.au/privacy-statement for further information. 

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