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Nadav Zisin
Nadav Zisin

Nadav Zisin : Youth Support Worker

Nadav was born and raised in St Kilda, Melbourne and grew up with strong ties to the City of Stonnington.

“A lot of my friends who I have grown up playing sports and music with have lived in Prahran and surrounding areas. It’s a privilege to be able to work towards giving back to a community that has given me so much.”

Being deeply passionate about community services and in particular youth development, kept Nadav working in the local area as a dedicated youth worker for more than 10 years.

“My passion for health, fitness and Hip Hop has helped the youth work I do and allowed me to effectively engage young people into programs I’m involved with.”  

Nadav’s love for nature has lead him to seek out his local Ecocentre where he regularly volunteers to help protect the biodiversity of our local environment and advocate for sustainability.

When he’s not working at Stonnington Youth Services, Nadav tries his best to get his family out of the hustle of the city and into the quiet of the bush.

Ho Lu
Ho Lu

Ho Lu : Youth Support Worker

Ho was born in Vietnam and came to Australia when he was 11 years old.  His first job was as a chemist bicycle delivery boy delivering medicines to older adults around the area of Prahran. 

Ho started as a casual worker at the Hub while studying Sport & Recreation and Events Management and ended up in the current Youth Support role, which he loves. 

Ho is passionate about organising events and networking with people.  He loves working with young people, seeing them grow and develop through all the youth programs that we offer here at SYS.

Ho's favourite program at SYS is the Prahran Summer Jam basketball tournament which sees Princes Gardens basketball court come truly alive!


Anna Pobucky
Anna Pobucky

Anna Pobucky : Youth Team Leader

Anna has over  10 years experience working in range of community development, education and welfare settings.  She has collaborated on the delivery of many innovative youth programs during this time that have improved livelihood outcomes for disadvantaged young people.

Her passion for work comes from a deep belief in social justice values and the ethos that all people have the right to access equitable resources, education and support. 

She is also a mother, friend and fabulous cook(on good days).

Jessica Lawrence
Jessica Lawrence

Jessica Lawrence : Education Engagement Partnership Project Officer

Combining an anthropological background with years of experience in working with disengaged youth both in employment services and the Department of Education and Training (DET), Jessica is passionate about creative and integrated responses to youth disengagement.

As the EEP project officer, Jess works with a variety of agencies that support young people who are disengaged or at risk of disengaging from education or work.  Talking to a broad range of partners and watching the journeys of young people are the best parts of her day to day work.

Outside of work, Jess juggles 3 pugs, an arts practice, a one year old son and a serious cake addiction.

Dallas Ambry
Dallas Ambry

Dallas Ambry : School Focused Youth Services(SFYS) Coordinator

Dallas is passionate about improving education experiences for our most vulnerable students. The SFYS role funded by the Victorian State Government manages projects to help schools and services to support young people at risk of disengaging from school. The SFYS program increases the capacity of young people - and those who support them - to remain engaged, connected or re-connect with education opportunities.

Dallas is a provisionally registered psychologist with a special interest in Community Psychology principles, that is, empowering  community-led collaborative practice through strengths-based social change models. She has worked in the community education and mental health sector across a variety of roles.